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Protect yourself: The best ways to stop unwanted robocalls

Consumer Attorney Amy L.B. Ginsburg talks with Walt Kane of News12 about unwanted robocalls as part of this exclusive 4-part series from News 12 Networks in New Jersey.

Automated Calls Ring in $500,000 Fine for One of Canada’s Largest Debt Collectors

An investigation by Canada’s federal regulatory arm, Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CTRC), found one of the country’s largest debt collectors iQor Canada Ltd guilty of violating consumer rights. Chiefly iQor was accused of using robocalls in an attempt to reach consumers at all hours of the day and night, and not identifying on whose…

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FDCPA Applies to Text Messages and Phone Calls

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) has a number of complex stipulations that prohibit debt collectors from utilizing practices deemed as harassing. Although some laws within the act can be pretty straightforward, other policies are more complex. For years, reputable debt agencies have understood that certain phone calling activities are illegal. For example, calling…

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Debt Collector Palisades Collections Accused of Harassing Innocent Consumers

Action News Reports Palisades Collections Waged War on United States Military Veteran with Impeccable Credit Score attorney, Amy Bennecoff, sat down with Action News’ Nydia Han to talk about the case of Frank Stack v. Palisades Collections, warning viewers about the deceptive practices of the New Jersey-based debt collector and advising consumers of their…

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Craig Thor Kimmel Talks with WVMW-FM’s ‘What Vets Need to Know’ About Debt Collection Harassment’s Craig Thor Kimmel tells veterans, military personnel and their families how to stop harassment by debt collectors on WVMW-FM’s “What Vets Need to Know.” Listen to learn how to protect yourself: What Vets Need to Know, Season 8, Show 19, February 05, 2013 – Debt Collection Harassment with Craig Thor Kimmel (Clicking the above…

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Debt Collector Profile: Arrow Financial

A division of Sallie Mae, Arrow Financial is a receivables management firm. As such, part of its business functions includes debt collection. Arrow collects on behalf of the utilities, student loans, telecommunications, credit card and auto deficiencies industries. Headquartered in Niles, Illinois, the collector also has locations in Rockville Center, New York; Whitewater, Wisconsin; and…

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W. Va. Woman Fights to Collect $10 Million from Debt Collectors

West Virginia consumer Diana Mey is trying to collect money from a collection agency after winning the largest judgment ever against an abusive debt collection company — more than $10 million. “I’m a mom, and I’m a housewife, and I’m an accidental activist,” Mey said. From her small-town home in Wheeling, Mey took on a…

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85-Year-Old Oregon Woman Suing Big Bank Over Fake Suicide Call

Anne Sessions of Lane County, Oregon is suing Wells Fargo after one of its debt collectors reported to police that that the 85-year-old was threatening suicide, a claim she maintains was false, The Oregonian reports. After hitting financial trouble, Sessions says she arranged a payment plan for her credit card debt with Wells Fargo last…

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Debt Harassment Attorney Discusses the Abusive Methods of Debt Collectors

Are you experiencing debt harassment?  Collection agencies often prey on consumers.  Why?  Because it is in their best interest to scare consumers into paying.  Creditors often use collection agencies to recover funds on delinquent accounts.  The collection agencies are handsomely paid for their services, which often involve nagging collection calls and a barrage of written…

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Lawsuit Points to Alleged New Tool in Debt-Collection Arsenal: Facebook

Locating her social networking site also helped them find relatives’ Facebook pages. Then, she alleges in a lawsuit, they sent messages on the social networking site to a sister and a cousin of hers, prompting a wider family discussion about Beacham’s financial situation,

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