Debt Collector Harassment in Massachusetts

Kimmel & Silverman provides free legal services to consumers throughout Massachusetts who have experienced unfair, deceptive, harassing or abusive debt collection practices.

Our dedicated and experienced team of attorneys has for years stopped debt collection calls for thousands of Massachusetts residents under federal law. We also use state laws where applicable to end the harassment for good.

Massachusetts Collection Harassment Laws

Massachusetts state law provides additional protections to consumers, above and beyond the Federal Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), 15 U.S.C. §1692. In Massachusetts, debt collectors and the creditors themselves must follow strict regulations in how they contact and communicate with you, and what they say when communicating.


Massachusetts residents are protected under the FDCPA. This law protects consumers from illegal collection actions that include:

  • The use of deception, harassment, abuse, profanity, violence, or threats
  • Annoying phone calls at unusual or inconvenient times
  • Contacting consumers at work if they know it is prohibited by their employer
  • Lying to influence a consumer to pay
  • Taking any action that could impose additional, unauthorized expenses on the consumer
  • Communicating with a consumer if they know the consumer is being represented by an attorney

For more information about fair debt collection laws in Massachusetts, contact us.

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