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Boom in Debt Buying Fuels Another Boom in Lawsuits

Roughly 94% of collection cases filed against borrowers result in default judgments in favor of the debt buyer, according to industry estimates. The majority of borrowers don’t have a lawyer, some don’t know they are even being sued, and others don’t appear in court, say judges.

Women Sues Debt Collector Over FB Messages

Regardless of what kind of medium debt collectors use to reach consumers, they are prohibited from revealing information to third parties and cannot make false, deceptive, misleading or harassing representations.

Collection Agency Faced Sanctions After Wrongly Identifying a Debtor

The collection agency of Pressler & Pressler has a track record of wrongfully identifying consumers and strings of violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. In a recent case, Mr. Mark Hoyte was wrongfully identified by Pressler & Pressler as a debtor who owed $919 on a Sears-Citi credit card. Pressler & Pressler hired…

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SSA Group (South Shore Associates Group) of Hamburg New York Threatens Consumers!

Listen! Don’t pay this debt collector under any circumstances! Voice mail from SSA Group to a consumer

Debt Collectors Face a Hazard of Writers Cramp

Banks have been under siege in recent weeks for widespread corner-cutting in the rush to process delinquent mortgages. The accusations have stirred outrage and set off investigations by attorneys general across the country, prompting several leading banks to temporarily cease foreclosures.

Debt Collector Faked Court Hearings to Trick Consumers into Paying Up Says Suit

This is an unconscionable attempt to use fake court proceedings to deceive, mislead or frighten consumers into making payments or surrendering valuables to Unicredit without following lawful procedures for debt collection,” says Corbett in the release.

An Insider Look at How Debt Collectors View the FDCPA

These debt collectors view their violations of the FDCPA as a business decision instead of a lawful requirement that may must abide by.

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