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The Dangers of Pension Loans

By K&S on June 19th, 2013 | No Comments

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Craig Kimmel of the Kimmel and Silverman law firm joins Hal Donahue for the weekly segment of What Vets Need to Know on The Union Edge, discussing the dangers of Pension Loans.   For more information, news and help for debt collector harassment and how to stop collection calls, visit our social media outlets: Stop…

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Mississippi-Based Security Credit Services LLC Ordered to Stop Deceiving Consumers Through Debt Collection Scandal

After allegedly misleading consumers into paying unnecessary fees and falsely threatening consumers with lawsuits, defendants in a debt collection operation have agreed to settle Federal Trade Commission charges. The FTC alleged in its complaint that the defendants – a debt buyer and a debt collection law firm, both based in Mississippi – violated the FTC…

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Debt Collector Palisades Collections Accused of Harassing Innocent Consumers

Action News Reports Palisades Collections Waged War on United States Military Veteran with Impeccable Credit Score attorney, Amy Bennecoff, sat down with Action News’ Nydia Han to talk about the case of Frank Stack v. Palisades Collections, warning viewers about the deceptive practices of the New Jersey-based debt collector and advising consumers of their…

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Demand for High-Interest Payday Loans Soars in Minnesota

By K&S on February 26th, 2013 | No Comments

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Residents of Minnesota are turning to high-interest payday loans and other services outside the mainstream banking system, controversial enterprises that operate through a loophole to dodge state restrictions. The demand for these types of loans more than doubled in recent years, from 170,000 loans in 2007 to 350,000 in 2011, the highest reported to the…

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FTC Study Shows Five Percent of Consumers Pay More for Goods & Services Due to Errors on Credit Reports

Check Your Credit Report for Free Using & Dispute Suspicious Activity A recent congressionally-mandated study of the U.S. credit reporting industry, by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), found that five percent of consumers had errors on one of their three major credit reports. The results make it clear that consumers should check their reports…

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Debt Collection Horror Stories

Debt collector horror stories abound: There are threats to dig up the dead relatives of those who couldn’t pay their funeral bills, promises to imprison debtors or take their children into custody — even warnings that pets will be killed. Under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, collectors are prohibited from threatening violence, using profane…

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SSA Group (South Shore Associates Group) of Hamburg New York Threatens Consumers!

Listen! Don’t pay this debt collector under any circumstances! Voice mail from SSA Group to a consumer

Debt Collector Faked Court Hearings to Trick Consumers into Paying Up Says Suit

This is an unconscionable attempt to use fake court proceedings to deceive, mislead or frighten consumers into making payments or surrendering valuables to Unicredit without following lawful procedures for debt collection,” says Corbett in the release.

Top 8 Complaints About Debt Collectors

The FTC is trying to educate consumers about what practices are illegal and what they can do about them.

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