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Debt Harassment Attorney Discusses the Abusive Methods of Debt Collectors

Are you experiencing debt harassment?  Collection agencies often prey on consumers.  Why?  Because it is in their best interest to scare consumers into paying.  Creditors often use collection agencies to recover funds on delinquent accounts.  The collection agencies are handsomely paid for their services, which often involve nagging collection calls and a barrage of written notifications.

Are you aware of your rights as a consumer?  Have you heard of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and debt collection laws?  You don’t have to be intimidated or anxious about your limitations in knowing the law.  Help is available. To start, view the video to become more aware of tactics employed by credit collectors.

Debt harassment attorney Craig Thor Kimmel speaks with Jim Donovan from CBS Philly about the abusive practices of debt collectors:

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