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Archive for March, 2011

Collection Calls as a Result of Identity Theft

In most cases, people who receive collection calls accrued the debt themselves and have fallen behind on their payments. In some instances, however, these charges are a result of identity theft. Because people rely on technology to pay bills and make banking transactions, it is important to stay protected against hackers and Internet fraud. The…

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The Reason for Debt Harassment

By K&S on March 23rd, 2011 | 1 Comment

Posted in: Credit Card Debt, Debt Collection Methods, Debt Collectors

It is important to understand why collection calls feel like harassment in order to deal with the stress they create. Many Americans have fallen behind on their credit card, mortgage, and/or car payments because they have experienced some form of financial difficulty. This causes stress on the individual, as well as family and friends that…

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Debt Harassment is #1 on List of Consumer Complaints

According to the “Top 10 List of Complaints” by Illinois consumers last year, phone calls regarding consumer debt harassment topped the list at number one. This statistic proves two things: that the state is still suffering from high unemployment rates and other financial troubles as a result of the failed economy, and people are as…

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