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Protecting Seniors Against Financial Fraud

In New York, Financial Fraud against seniors is a serious problem and Senator Kirsten Gillibrand plans to crack down on scams and loopholes that have cost NY Seniors over $180 million.

Debt Collection Abuse Contributed to a Man’s Death

…the frequent and harassing calls from a debt collector caused a Tampa man’s blood pressure and stress levels to rise to unhealthy levels. His wife is claiming that the abusive debt collection calls contributed to his death

Debtor’s Revolt: But at What Cost?

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The woman is basically saying I am going to penalize you, Bank of America for raising my interest rate again. But is she really making things more difficult for Bank of America, or for herself in the long term?

The Attack of The Zombie Theft

one day out of the blue, you get a call from a collection agency that claims that you not only still owe the original $1500, but also owe thousands of dollars in interest. According to the collection agency, there is no record of the theft and they warn you that if you do not pay back the debt ASAP, your credit will be permanently ruined

A Thorough File Can Help the Fight

A file can help fight the debt collector to get the collection calls to stop. The file should include: All dates and times of all correspondence, including voice mails, pre-recorded messages, live phone calls…

How to Deal with a Debt Collector

How can you deal with a debt collector, especially if they are threatening you, and/or using obscene language? Here are three primary rules of thumb you should take into account if you are being continuously called by a collector.

Debt Collection Calls Can Be Stopped

This law is designed to stop collectors from being abusive and unprofessional. Even if you owe money and the debt is really yours (you will be amazed at how many folks are called for another person’s debt), the collector must still treat you fairly and respectfully.

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