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Second Circuit Reverses Ruling in TCPA ‘Express Prior Consent’ Case

When Albert Nigro contacted National Grid to end electrical service to his deceased mother-in-law’s New York home, he never expected to be bombarded with automated collection calls for someone else’s debt. So how does a man wind up in the sights of a debt collector’s auto-dialer for a bill that isn’t his own? During his…

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New York State Establishes New Rules for Debt Collectors

New York State just took a major step in protecting consumer rights in credit card collection cases. The state recently updated its requirements for debt collectors when filing credit card collection cases against debtors, aiming to put a stop to default judgments and unfair claims. A default judgment is legally binding, decided when the debtor…

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Craig Thor Kimmel Talks with WVMW-FM’s ‘What Vets Need to Know’ About Debt Collection Harassment’s Craig Thor Kimmel tells veterans, military personnel and their families how to stop harassment by debt collectors on WVMW-FM’s “What Vets Need to Know.” Listen to learn how to protect yourself: What Vets Need to Know, Season 8, Show 19, February 05, 2013 – Debt Collection Harassment with Craig Thor Kimmel (Clicking the above…

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Consumer Attorney Craig Thor Kimmel Discusses How to Fight Back Against Collection Agencies

Consumer attorney Craig Thor Kimmel discusses how to fight back against collection agencies and help stop collection calls in this interview with Ebru Today:  

How to Write a Cease and Desist Letter for Debt Collectors

Are you experiencing a high volume of aggressive debt collection calls? Are you constantly asking yourself how to stop collection calls? As a consumer you have rights, especially when it comes to harassing collection phone calls. While you can verbally demand that calls stop, and to keep calling you is indeed harassment under the law,…

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Asset Acceptance Pays Big for Debt Collection Methods

In what is sure to be considered a major victory for consumers everywhere, the FTC this week ordered Asset Acceptance to pay $2.5 Million in fines. Asset is one of the largest debt collectors / debt buyers in the country. The fines handed out this week certainly send a message that debt collectors should not see themselves…

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Stop Debt Collectors before They Start: Deferments on Student Loans

Debt Collectors can be nasty and have earned their reputation for not being easy to deal with. It is easier it seems to avoid them altogether, hoping that the problem will go away on its own. Unfortunately, collection agencies have a hard time giving up. They know they are supposed to work within the rules…

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The CFPB & Debt Harassment

By K&S on May 20th, 2011 | No Comments

Posted in: Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, FDCPA, Stop Debt Collectors

Beginning on July 21, the debt collection industry will be monitored closely by two regulatory agencies– the Fair Trade Commission (FTC) and the newly formed Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). The FTC has been around for many years but the CFPB was created to reform the financial industry and better protect consumers, resolve widespread consumer…

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Collection Calls as a Result of Identity Theft

In most cases, people who receive collection calls accrued the debt themselves and have fallen behind on their payments. In some instances, however, these charges are a result of identity theft. Because people rely on technology to pay bills and make banking transactions, it is important to stay protected against hackers and Internet fraud. The…

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Debt Harassment is #1 on List of Consumer Complaints

According to the “Top 10 List of Complaints” by Illinois consumers last year, phone calls regarding consumer debt harassment topped the list at number one. This statistic proves two things: that the state is still suffering from high unemployment rates and other financial troubles as a result of the failed economy, and people are as…

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