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Court Allows Class Action Accusing Collector, Law Firm of ‘Sewer Service’

Reuters reports that, last month, over 100,000 potential plaintiffs were permitted to pursue a class action against a New York-based debt collector and law firm. The claim is that both Leucadia National Corp and the Mel S. Harris law firm were using ‘sewer service‘ to win default judgments in cases against debtors. Sewer service is…

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New York: Consumer Fair Debt Collection Practices Rights Trampled On

New report blames “Sewer Service,” “Robosigning,” and lack of legal representation Last month the New Economy Project (NEP), a New York-based non-profit advocacy group, released its report detailing abuses in New York courts that are to blame for overburdening the system and siphoning billions of dollars from the state’s low-income neighborhoods and communities. Chief among…

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