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Collection Agency Faced Sanctions After Wrongly Identifying a Debtor

The collection agency of Pressler & Pressler has a track record of wrongfully identifying consumers and strings of violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. In a recent case, Mr. Mark Hoyte was wrongfully identified by Pressler & Pressler as a debtor who owed $919 on a Sears-Citi credit card.

Pressler & Pressler hired a law firm specializing in debt collection to contact Mr. Hoyte about collecting on the debt. When Mr. Hoyte explained to them that he had never owned a Sears-Citi card, the law firm asked for personal information to verify the debt was not his. They asked him about the last 2 digits of his Social Security Number and his Date of Birth for verification. They didn’t match.

Despite this, Pressler & Pressler continued onward and the law firm prepared a lawsuit against Mr. Hoyte, who received a summons to appear in court to defend himself.

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