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Consumer Attorney Craig Thor Kimmel Discusses How to Fight Back Against Collection Agencies

Consumer attorney Craig Thor Kimmel discusses how to fight back against collection agencies and help stop collection calls in this interview with Ebru Today:  

Collection Agency Faced Sanctions After Wrongly Identifying a Debtor

The collection agency of Pressler & Pressler has a track record of wrongfully identifying consumers and strings of violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. In a recent case, Mr. Mark Hoyte was wrongfully identified by Pressler & Pressler as a debtor who owed $919 on a Sears-Citi credit card. Pressler & Pressler hired…

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NCO Financial Systems: A dreadful third party collection agency

The FDCPA has laid down the guidelines for fair collection practices in order to protect consumers from being harassed by mean debt collectors. A creditor has a right to collect payment from you. But, debt collectors by no means are creditors; they are third party collectors and should not be allowed to browbeat you into believing their superiority.

Law Suits Piling up for Debt Collectors

Third-party debt collectors generated 78,000 complaints to the Federal Trade Commission in 2008, twice the number received in 2003, according to the agency’s most recent report. That same year, the agency won more than $1 million in civil damages against collection agencies.

No Harassing Debt Collectors

Consumer Reporter Michelle Buckman explains how to stop debt collector harassment and even collect some money from them.

The Attack of The Zombie Theft

one day out of the blue, you get a call from a collection agency that claims that you not only still owe the original $1500, but also owe thousands of dollars in interest. According to the collection agency, there is no record of the theft and they warn you that if you do not pay back the debt ASAP, your credit will be permanently ruined

How to Deal with a Debt Collector

How can you deal with a debt collector, especially if they are threatening you, and/or using obscene language? Here are three primary rules of thumb you should take into account if you are being continuously called by a collector.

Widener University Clinic Provides Debt Collection Help for Seniors

Debt collection agencies often employ harassing tactics that take advantage of consumer’s ignorance of the laws that are in place through the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act.

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