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Our Pledge to Clients and Consumers, to Ensure Fair Debt Collection

Our law firm Kimmel & Silverman, P.C. 800-NOT-FAIR, pledges to stand against unfair debt collection acts and practices. We promise to ensure our clients are treated fairly and with respect by debt collectors and their collection lawyers.  We will not stand for abuse or collection harassment towards our clients, nor allow them to be contacted at unusual times and places.  We will not stand for our clients to be contacted regarding another person’s debts, or for debts they have paid or don’t owe. We pledge to put a stop to these violations of law, in a quick and efficient manner.

We further pledge to make fair debt collection acts and practices the rule and not the exception; we will never cease in vindicating the rights of our clients.  We pledge to uphold the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, its provisions and rules so that debt collectors feel compelled to act with civility and appropriate conduct towards others.  We will defend the standards of fair debt collection laws.

We pledge to battle any collectors who put payment above fairness or civility, and will stop abusive practices that are inconsistent with that ideal. We will fight to ensure that consumers no longer feel the collector has the upper hand.

We pledge to stop abuse by collectors who cannot govern themselves appropriately. We will fight those who violate your rights. We pledge to stop unfair practices that result in money being taken by deception, tricks or taken unfairly.

We will make the collector prove that they are entitled to what they seek, and have proof that the consumer actually agreed to be charged those amounts. We will not permit debt collection based solely upon what a collector says.

We will review letters our clients receive and we will pursue collectors whose letters violate the mandates of the fair debt collection practice act. We have no tolerance for deception, threats or half-truths.  If a collector cannot prove its claim to payment of the amounts sought, we will work tirelessly to have it removed in full and stop collection calls.

Our attorneys pledge to do all of this and will litigate all claims where the fair debt collection practice act has been violated.  We will put the pressure on the debt collectors and remove it from our clients. We will not allow calls before 8:00 a.m. and after 9:00 p.m.  There will be no excusing telephone calls filled with false information, threats or intimidation.

We pledge this to you, our current and future clients. If you are a victim of unfair debt collection practices, or think you might be, call us and see what we can do.  Remember, when debt collectors called you, they never expected you to call us! © 2009-2014 Copyright, Kimmel & Silverman P.C. – CREDIT LAW.COM – 800-NOT–FAIR- All Rights Reserved.

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