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Time Warner Owes $229,500 for Robocalls to the Wrong Person

Many people dislike receiving robocalls. Araceli King disliked receiving 153 of them from a single company. A Manhattan federal judge ruled that Time Warner Cable must pay insurance claims specialist Araceli King, $229,500 for placing 153 automated calls to her cellphone in less than a year, even after she told it to stop. King accused…

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New York State Establishes New Rules for Debt Collectors

New York State just took a major step in protecting consumer rights in credit card collection cases. The state recently updated its requirements for debt collectors when filing credit card collection cases against debtors, aiming to put a stop to default judgments and unfair claims. A default judgment is legally binding, decided when the debtor…

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New York: Consumer Fair Debt Collection Practices Rights Trampled On

New report blames “Sewer Service,” “Robosigning,” and lack of legal representation Last month the New Economy Project (NEP), a New York-based non-profit advocacy group, released its report detailing abuses in New York courts that are to blame for overburdening the system and siphoning billions of dollars from the state’s low-income neighborhoods and communities. Chief among…

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NY Law Firm Files 80,000 Suits a Year with 14 Lawyers

a New Mexico lawyer who represents consumers in debt collection cases, criticizes the automated suits as “the factory approach to practicing law.”

Law Firm’s Debt Collection Review Violated Federal Act

A New York judge has determined that a law firm violated the Federal Debt Collections Practices Act (FDCPA) after it mass produced collection letters and litigation documents from it’s computer system without a thorough review of the alleged debt. The law firm sued Arthur Miller over an alleged debt that they purchased from a previous…

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Protecting Seniors Against Financial Fraud

In New York, Financial Fraud against seniors is a serious problem and Senator Kirsten Gillibrand plans to crack down on scams and loopholes that have cost NY Seniors over $180 million.

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