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When debt collectors called you, they never expected you to call us!

Debt Collection Calls Can Be Stopped

There is nothing more bothersome or stressful than having debt collectors call and threaten you. Pay up or we will alert your neighbors. Pay up or we will contact your family. Pay up or we will garnish your wages. The threats get more and more vindictive with each call, and often these collectors act in such a heartless way, using obscene language and making such terrible threats, that you feel you are trapped. The good news is that you are not trapped. You do have rights and you should not be afraid to use them.

The purpose of our credit law blog is to educate you on your rights under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). This law is designed to stop collectors from being abusive and unprofessional. Even if you owe money and the debt is really yours (you will be amazed at how many folks are called for another person’s debt), the collector must still treat you fairly and respectfully.

If you have been the victim of abusive or deceptive debt collection practices, please drop us a note or call us at 1-800-NOT FAIR (1-800-668-3247) and discuss your situation with us. If we can help, it’s completely cost-free to you.

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