RECEIVE $500-$1500 PER CALL.

When debt collectors called you, they never expected you to call us!

A Thorough File Can Help the Fight

When consumers contact us through 1-800-NOT FAIR or, the first thing we inquire about is their records. A file can help fight the debt collector to get the collection calls to stop. The file should include:

  • All dates and times of all correspondence, including voice mails, pre-recorded messages, live phone calls, and delivery of written materials.
  • Names of all collectors you have spoken to or received communication from, with phone numbers and addresses if possible.
  • Copies of all correspondence you have received and correspondence you have sent, including envelopes (they include post marks, and return addresses). Collectors have five days to send written correspondence following a phone call. The envelopes and your phone records will reveal if they followed that protocol.
  • Written instances of any times you found the collector to be deceptive or abusive, including calling you at work, threatening you, using obscene language, calling early in the morning or late at night, reaching out to employers, friends or relatives, etc.

Keep all of these files indefinitely and let your attorney know that you have this information. Feel free to contact us to find out other materials which would be helpful in your battle to stop the calls.

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