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Top 5 Financial Tips To Weather The Storm After The Storm

-EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS ALERT- Emergency preparedness is a catchphrase of late, what with the catastrophic weather and similar events in the news. But along with having enough water and stocking up on non-perishable food, financial preparedness should be considered of nearly equal importance, saving you from spiraling debt and the harassing debt collector. Below are the…

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Bank of America Sold Card Debts to Collectors Despite Faulty Records

In a series of 2009 and 2010 transactions, Bank of America sold credit card receivables to an outfit called CACH LLC, based in Denver. Co. Each month CACH bought debts with a face value of as much as $65 million for 1.8 cents on the dollar. At least a portion of the debts were legacy…

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A Thorough File Can Help the Fight

A file can help fight the debt collector to get the collection calls to stop. The file should include: All dates and times of all correspondence, including voice mails, pre-recorded messages, live phone calls…

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