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West Asset Management Pays Record Settlement, Offers Lesson in Consumer Awareness, Says Century Negotiations

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) alleges that debt collection agency, West Asset Management, violated the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act (FDCPA) on multiple occasions, leading to thousands of consumer complaints.

Century Negotiations President Amy Michalo-Rojas urged clients, and the general public, to stay informed about these types of cases so they can recognize when a debt collector violates their legal rights.

West Asset Management allegedly violated the FDCPA—the law designed to protect consumers against deceptive and harassing debt collection tactics—by calling consumers multiple times a day, using rude and abusive language, taking funds without consumer permission, falsely claiming consumers would be jailed or sued, and even contacting consumers regarding debts that did not belong to them.

“Many factors can inspire a debt collector to break the law, from an unethical work environment to the challenge of collecting in a recessed economy,” explained Michalo-Rojas. “But individual consumer awareness and reported complaints can stop these violators and warn potential lawbreakers against similar behavior.”

Read the entire story here: Unscrupulous Debt Collection Agency Pays Record Settlement, Offers Lesson in Consumer Awareness, Says Century Negotiations

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  1. You could be entitled to money for the damages youve suffered if your debt collector is violating fair debt collection laws. Do you think your fair debt rights are being violated by an abusive debt collector?State and federal fair debt laws prevent debt collectors from using harassing misleading dishonest or unfair debt collection practices. These laws provide that victims of debt collector abuse can recover cash compensation from the collectors and require the collectors to pay all your legal fees.

      Comment by business on May 29th, 2011 at 4:25 pm

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