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Debt Collector Attempts to Collect a Debt Past the Statute

The following is a recording of a phone call with debt collector NCO Financial who was attempting to collect on a debt more than thirteen (13) years old. It was recorded after the debt collector made various phone calls and left messages to the consumer about the old debt.

Recorded Call with NCO Financial Systems

Are you a victim of unfair collection practices? Contact us for free legal representation! We collect all fees from the debt collectors not you! We stop the harassment immediately. You may also be entitled to money damages of as much as $1,000 and other damages. Unless you want the calls/letters to continue, call us!

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  1. We have been harrassed by NCO with daily calls for settlement we made with Nisssan over 10 years ago. We returned a leased car as a lemon to a dealer and they have attempted to collect for over 10miles on the car. We settled with Nissan and nothing is on our credit report. How do I turn these guys off?!!!!!

      Comment by charlotte crouch on August 17th, 2010 at 12:08 pm

    • We have been harrassed by NCO withdaily calls for a settlement we made with Nissan over 10 years ago. We returned a leased car to a dealer as a lemon car and they have attampted to collect the overage on the mileage in the last two years. We settled this with Nissan and nothing is reported on our credit report. How do I turn these guys off?!!!

        Comment by charlotte crouch on August 17th, 2010 at 12:12 pm

      • NCO financial has called my wife and I sometimes 10 times a day on 3 different lines, 2 of which they have been told numerous times “not to call, because I am at work.” On 8/18/2010, “Tony Fuller” of NCO Financial was told by my boss “you can not call here.” Tony Fuller told my boss ” I can call here every day if I want to, because I don’t have anything in writing that says I can’t.” Also on this day, they were told I couldn’t accept this call at work, they hung up and one minute later, called back and asked for my wife, knowing they’d just called my job. On 8/19/2010, Tony Fuller called my cell phone 2 times, immediately then called my job when I didn’t answer, was told by me, “do not call me at work” and called back in less than a minute and when my boss answered the phone, was rude, told my boss “tell BOB, I’m going to file a civil action now.” 3 months ago threatened to garnish my wages…I am TIRED of the BS this company….I have filed complaints also with the ftc….case #s 27408943 and 27419000

          Comment by Robert Becker on August 21st, 2010 at 4:22 pm

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