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Consumer Rights and The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

Consumer Attorney Craig Kimmel discusses consumer rights on KYW TV’s Talk Philly Program:

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  1. NCO has been calling me for 2 years. When they first started calling me I attempted a conversation with them to determine what debt exactly they are talking about. I am unaware of owing anything. I was never able to get this information out of them. They would ask me personal questions which I refused to answer, but let them know I had a legitimate I debt I owed they needed to tell me what they are referring to and I would confirm whether it was valid. I belong to one of those services where I have access to my credit report so I can watch. It doesn’t show anything going back 2 years. You can’t even get a person on the phone. They call you on a computer, you have to call the number back, then you sit on hold waiting for someone to come to the phone. Then when you get someone on the phone they won’t talk to you when you tell them you want their address, they just hang up. They have called me as early as 4:00AM. And they are calling my cell phone. This company needs to be shut down.

      Comment by Sandy Adamson on July 15th, 2010 at 1:55 pm

    • What can they do to us (my husband & me) if we cannot pay a credit card for $9000.00? We have had a lot of medical bill from his open heart surgery and we took out a home equity loan to pay those off. I am 65 and he is 68 and in poor health. We are self-employed. His medicine is very expensive.

        Comment by Linda on August 28th, 2010 at 6:24 am

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