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Collection Agency under Fire

By K&S on November 7th, 2011 | No Comments

Posted in: Collection Calls, Debt Harassment

It may be time to score one for the little guys. The largest purchaser of consumer debts in the United States, Encore Capital Group, is under investigation by regulatory authorities in North Carolina. A recent securities filing by the San Diego-based company revealed that the North Carolina Department of Justice “issued an investigative demand…to produce documents and answer interrogatories concerning [Encore’s] debt collection practices.”

Countless consumers are hounded by unfair debt harassment practices every day. While no action has been taken by the authorities yet, regarding Encore Capital, the accusations are precisely the type of type that we stop here at Credit Law. Of note is that Encore recently settled a similar suit in Texas after the state’s Attorney General alleged that the agency violated the law and falsified documents in lawsuits used it had filed against Texas residents. The agency has since agreed to settle by paying an undisclosed amount of money.

We wish these sorts of business practices by debt collectors were uncommon, but the reality is that many debt collectors across the country see only the profit potential collecting old debt, even if it means violating consumer rights on a widespread basis. We’ve heard every horror story there is, from debt collectors who call neighbors and relatives of debtors, to others that collect far in excess of the amounts actually owed, if the consumer can be convinced to pay it.

Don’t let creditors and collection agencies push you around with unfair debt harassment practices. Get in touch with us today to find out what your rights are as a consumer. We’ll fight for you, and put an end to those annoying calls.

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