Student Loans and Debt Collector Harassment

Are you sick of debt collectors calling, harassing you about paying your student loans? You're not alone!

Collection calls for student loans can begin six months after graduation. When loans go into default, the Department of Education (DOE) taps one of the many contracted debt collectors to obtain payment. The third party collectors for the DOE are used in cases involving “accounts that fail to establish and adhere to a repayment agreement.” They are in charge of determining reasonable repayment plans and enforcing them.

In cases where the consumer can’t afford to repay a loan, income and tax refund garnishments can fail to cover the interest alone, leaving the consumer short on money as the debt increases. This can lead to defaulting on the loan.

Even if you have defaulted or fallen behind on your student loan repayment, debt collectors may not harass, abuse, deceive, or intimidate you. All debt collectors must follow federal law under the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act (FDCPA).

If you have experienced harassment from student loan collection agencies and need free legal advice, contact us today.

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