Stop Portfolio Recovery Harassment

If Portfolio Recovery is using abusive phone tactics to contact you, your consumer rights may be violated and you don’t have to stand by without proper representation. We can help.

Some creditors hire third parties such as Portfolio Recovery to help recover debt. The third parties may use illegal techniques to get as much money back as possible. Your rights under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act can be protected and we can help you put an end to this harassment.

What Can I Do?

Keep all pertinent information regarding your communications and agreements with the credit card company in one file. Ideally, you want statements all the way back from the time your account balance was set at zero. Ask your bank for copies of cancelled checks and statements reflecting payments made to creditors. Locate your original contract with the creditor as well.

  • Record all contact with Portfolio Recovery Associates
  • Keep a notepad by the phone and keep all voice mail messages
  • Record the time, date, and numbers used by Portfolio Recovery Associates
  • Keep all letters sent by the debt collector

Your Rights

Do not hesitate to contact us. It is important to quickly seek the help of a law office that has experience with debt collection practice. A large majority of debt collection lawsuits can be won by the consumer and when your rights are violated, you are entitled to as much as $1,000 plus attorney fees.

Let us help in protecting you from Portfolio Recovery Associates. Contact our law offices today for more information on how we can help you!

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