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Thousands of Pennsylvanians are illegally harassed each year by creditors and debt collectors. They subject you to abusive collection calls, notices, and social media posts including harassing language and verbal attacks.

Pennsylvania does not currently have state laws to protect consumers from debt collector harassment. If a consumer in Pennsylvania cannot show a monetary loss resulting directly from the abuse and harassment, they have no right to stop the harassment and they are not entitled to any recovery. As a result, creditors use loopholes in the law to do things that other states not only forbid, but also heavily sanction.

Pennsylvanians should be protected from abuse from collectors in the same way California and other states protect their citizens. We are working to strengthen Pennsylvania’s laws and ask you to join us. Urge our legislators to make civility in collection matters the law by signing this petition.

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To: Pennsylvania state Senators and Representatives

I, the undersigned, support amendment of the Pennsylvania Fair Credit Extension Uniformity Act (FCEUA) to protect consumers from abusive tactics of creditors, bill collectors and debt collectors. I believe there is no reason for the lack of civility, harassment and/or deception by first-party creditors or their third-party debt collectors in seeking payment and that such conduct must be punished for them to alter such behaviors.

I believe that when a consumer is sued for a debt, the party asserting the claim must present supporting documentation to prove the debt is valid at the time it is filed by attaching a copy of the written agreement under which the debt arises, all statements comprising the debt starting with a zero balance, and proof of any transfer in ownership of the debt from the first-party creditor to their successor. If such protections are not required, frivolous action s will continue to be filed by persons who cannot demonstrate the right to assert the claim, which if tolerated, harms consumers and wastes valuable judicial resources.

I favor amending the Fair Credit Extension Uniformity Act (FCEUA) to protect Pennsylvanians from the conduct described above.

I support the following simple amendment:

Violations of the provisions of the proposed amendment shall subject the bill collector, debt collector and creditor to a $500 civil penalty, payable to the consumer by the offending party, plus all attorney fees and costs expended by any attorney on behalf of the consumer.

The $500 statutory damages shall be assessed against the bill collector, debt collector and/or creditor for each and every occurrence or violation of law.

The amount of statutory damages mirror damages recoverable under the Federal Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) and reflect a more appropriate figure for 2013, as opposed to the $100 penalty assessed under the current provisions of law.

The amendment should require a code of civility by any person or corporation seeking to collect a debt from a Pennsylvania citizen.

The amendment should specifically state that a violation occurs from use of technology such as the Internet, voice over Internet Protocol and social media.

The debt collector must provide validation of debt at the threshold of any court proceedings.

I sign this Petition of my own free will in hopes the law of the Commonwealth will protect and safeguard consumers from offensive conduct by those seeking to collect monies allegedly due.


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