Stop United Collection Bureau Collection Calls

If you have been dealing with harassing or abusive calls from United Collection Bureau, you may be entitled to legal remedy – up to $1,000. We work to stop abusive collection calls for FREE.

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Stop United Collection Bureau Debt Collection Calls

The FDCPA prohibits United Collection Bureau from:

  • Making threats or harassing phone calls.
  • Continuously calling, even after you told them to stop.
  • Calling at inconvenient hours, such as early morning (before 8:00 am) or late evening (after 9:00 pm).
  • Calling you at places that are inconvenient for you.
  • Calling you at work after being told to stop.
  • Disclosing information about your debt to friends and/or family members.

If you believe United Collection Bureau is violating your rights under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), it's time to contact a consumer attorney.

Under the FDCPA, you are within your rights to seek compensation for any damages that are owed to you.

We provide FREE legal help to the victims of United Collection Bureau harassment and abuse. If a collector from UCB has harassed, threatened, or abused you in any way that violates the terms of the FDCPA, you may be entitled to monetary compensation – as much as $1,000.

Who is United Collection Bureau?

United Collection Bureau, Inc. (UCB) is an Ohio-based debt collection agency that has been operating in the United States since 1959.

United Collection Bureau Headquarters:

United Collection Bureau, Inc. (UCB)
5620 Southwyck Blvd.
Toledo, OH 43614

Know Your Rights

If United Collection Bureau contacts you, you do not have to give them any information, including your Social Security number or bank account number. You do not have to accept abusive or harassing phone calls from United Collection Bureau or any other debt collection agency.

Known United Collection Bureau Collection Call Numbers

  • 1-866-209-0622
  • 1-419-866-6227
  • 1-419-866-5130
  • 1-866-416-3859
  • 1-646-499-5911
  • 1-954-236-6094
  • 1-877-662-5128
  • 1-216-920-0510
  • 1-866-216-4424
  • 1-800-867-3104
  • 1-800-935-1798
  • 1-800-890-8738
  • 1-800-999-9637
  • 1-866-327-7328
  • 1-954-538-7533
  • 1-877-570-0405
  • 1-800-761-5394
  • 1-877-570-0411
  • 1-866-559-4301
  • 1-888-520-1845

Known Addresses for United Collection Bureau and Affiliates

United Collection Bureau
2906 Executive Way
Miramar, FL 33025
United Collection Bureau
4100 Horizons Dr Ste 101
Columbus, OH 43220
United Collection Bureau
1345 Ford St
Maumee, OH 43537

Contact us today and stop UCB collection calls for FREE. We can put an end to unlawful debt collection practices and FDCPA violations.

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