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A big collector of credit card debt, Cardworks claims on its website to be a debt collector that “helps bankcard issuers across the country mitigate risk, increase profitability, and support their customers.” They “service a wide variety of customers with both traditional and non-traditional business lines and products.” They provide collection services for creditors across the country. Cardworks states that it follows all rules and regulations and is respectful towards debtors. Cardworks has collected debt in its main states of New York and Pennsylvania for about 20 years but collect throughout the country, Cardworks specializes in collecting debt from unpaid bankcards (credit cards).

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Cardworks Servicing
101 Crossways Park West
Woodbury NY 11797

Stop Debt Harassment

Even a debt collector that tries to play by the rules can violate the FDCPA in real world situations. As the number of consumers in debt in this country has ballooned in recent years, Cardworks and debt collectors like them who collect on credit card accounts have seen their work expand at the same rate, often with unforeseen impact upon the consumers they deal with. Claims of harassment are primary among FDCPA cases, and can result from too many accounts being assigned to too few collectors. If you've been harassed, don’t put up with unfair treatment. We can get you the protection you need and deserve. Call us at (800) 668-3247.

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