Stop Debt Collector Harassment in Philadelphia, PA

Kimmel & Silverman stop collection calls from abusive debt collectors in Philadelphia and throughout the state of Pennsylvania.

Our successful FDCPA attorneys use federal and PA state laws to stop consumer harassment by debt collectors in the city.

Philadelphia Debt Harassment Laws

In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania state laws protect against debt collector harassment in the same ways the Federal Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) does. PA expands on federal law to protect consumers against abusive practices by third party collectors and original creditors as well.

Philadelphia FDCPA

Under the FDCPA and state law, unfair and abusive debt collection practices are not permitted without your express permission or permission granted through a court order.

Debt collectors cannot contact you:

  • At unusual times, such as before 8am or after 9pm
  • Frequently and to the point of harassment
  • At work (if the debt collector is aware your employer does not allow such contact)
  • When they are aware you are represented by an attorney

Debt collectors may not use:

  • Threats against your person or your property
  • Profane or obscene language
  • Lies to get you to pay

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