Stock & Grimes, LLP

About Stock & Grimes, LLP

A small but active collector based in suburban Philadelphia, Stock & Grimes is a debt collector and law firm, representing national credit card companies and collecting debt for a closely-affiliated debt buyer. Their website says that they offer “the full range of collections activities beginning with placement of accounts through receipt of judgement until final disposition of the account.”

Stock & Grimes claims to maintain a staff of “conscientious” collection agents who take a non-threatening approach. They also claim full compliance with the FDCPA other applicable governmental rules and regulations.

Contact Information

Law Offices
804 West Ave.
Jenkintown, PA 19046

Put an End to Debt Harassment

Some debt collectors do things that violate your FDCPA rights, and often you may not even be aware of it. If you’re being threatened or harassed by any debt collector, call us at (800) 668-3247 to get the help you need. We know the law and how you are protected by it. This isn’t a battle you have to fight on your own.

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