Stop Resurgent Capital Services Collection Calls

If you have received or are currently receiving harassing collection calls from Resurgent Capital Services, you may be entitled to compensation – up to $1,000. We stop abusive collection calls for FREE, at absolutely no cost to you.

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Stop Resurgent Capital Services Debt Collection Calls

The FDCPA prohibits Resurgent Capital Services from:

  • Harassing or threatening you.
  • Calling you after you have asked them to stop.
  • Calling you early morning (before 8:00 am) or late evening (after 9:00 pm).
  • Calling you at inconvenient times and places.
  • Contacting you at work after you told them to stop.
  • Discussing your debt with your friends and family.

If you believe Resurgent Capital Services is in violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), you are entitled to free legal counsel.

Under the FDCPA, you are also within your rights to seek compensation for any damages that are owed to you.

We provide FREE legal help to the victims of Resurgent Capital Services debt collector harassment and abuse. If a collector from Resurgent has harassed, threatened, or abused you in any way that violates the terms of the FDCPA, you may be entitled to substantial legal remedy – as much as $1,000.

Who is Resurgent Capital Services?

Resurgent Capital Services is a licensed collection agency in the United States, managing and servicing both domestic and international consumer debt portfolios. In many instances, Resurgent will perform collections directly, although the agency has been known to outsource their recovery to other collection agencies and legal firms.

As of this writing, Resurgent has a "Fraud Alert" posted on its website, claiming that consumers have been reporting abusive calls made on Resurgent's behalf – unlawful calls that violate FDCPA policies. Whether you are receiving abusive calls from Resurgent or any other debt collector, it is important that you consult a consumer lawyer right away.

Resurgent has office locations in Greenville, South Carolina and Cincinnati, Ohio.

Resurgent Capital Services Headquarters:

Resurgent Capital Services
55 Beattie Place
Suite 110 MS 250
Greenville, SC 29601
Resurgent Capital Services
8600 Governors Hill Dr
Suite 201
Cincinnati, OH 45249

Know Your Rights

If Resurgent Capital Services contacts you, you do not have to give them any information (e.g. your Social Security number or bank account number). You do not have to accept abusive or harassing phone calls from Resurgent Capital Services or any other debt collection agency.

Known Resurgent Capital Services Collection Call Numbers

  • 1-888-665-0374
  • 1-866-467-0163
  • 1-866-467-0195
  • 1-866-572-0262
  • 1-866-206-9797
  • 1-888-546-7697
  • 1-605-275-7000
  • 1-800-365-7107
  • 1-864-248-8700
  • 1-866-232-4423
  • 1-866-350-7727
  • 1-888-986-1534
  • 1-866-205-5296
  • 1-866-464-1187
  • 1-866-205-6306
  • 1-866-205-6620
  • 1-866-748-3879
  • 1-877-278-5297

Known Addresses for Resurgent Capital Services and Affiliates

Resurgent Correspondence
PO Box 10497
Greenville, SC 29603
Resurgent Capital Services
PO Box 10466
Greenville, SC 29603
Compliance Department
MS 250
P.O. Box 10497
Greenville, SC 29603

Contact us today and stop Resurgent Capital Services collection calls for FREE. We can put an end to unlawful debt collection practices and FDCPA violations.

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