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About Northland Group, Inc.

The Northland Group is a debt collector that claims on its website that it “works with consumers to develop solutions for their outstanding debt balances.” Founded around 30 years ago and operating out of Minnesota, Northland is a debt collector and accounts receivable management company. Most of their efforts are in what they call late stage retrievals of debts relating to student loans, national credit card companies and on behalf of debt buyers who have purchased the debt from the original creditor.

Northland Group Contact Info:

Northland Group, Inc.
7831 Glenroy Road, Suite 250
Minneapolis, MN 55439

Put an End to Debt Harassment

Many debt collectors operate within the law but others do not. If you’ve been on the receiving end ofdebt collection abuse, threats, deception, harassment, constant calls or other problems collection calls from a debt collector, you can get quick and easy help. The Fair Debt Collection Act is the law and it governs what a debt collector can and cannot do. Unsure if you have a claim? Give us a call at (800)-668-3247.

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