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About LVNV Funding

LVNV Funding / Resurgent Capital Services is an experienced debt buyer and collector. They purchase global and national portfolios, acquire debt from banks and financial institutions, and buy bundles of graded debts hoping to recover substantially more money than what they paid for the debt.

LVNV uses a few debt collectors, primarily its own Resurgent Capital Services, which claims on its website that they “are committed to treating all consumers with respect, fairness, and honesty.” We have had cases where that commitment has certainly been challenged.

Contact Information

LVNV / Resurgent Correspondence
PO Box 10497
Greenville, SC 29603

Put an End to Debt Harassment

Whether or not you owe a debt, you are entitled to fair treatment by debt collectors. Call us today at (800) 668-3247 if a collections agency is abusing their power.

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