Howard Lee Schiff, P.C

About Howard Lee Schiff

Howard Lee Schiff is a debt collection firm that regularly violates the credit law rules as defined by the FDCPA. Located across the Northeast United States, this collector has been known to sue consumers in court and then intentionally cause confusion by sending out a letter offering to negotiate or settle the debt. The result is a often court judgment against the consumer.

Consumers that encounter a company using questionable methods should take all communication and notices very seriously. Consumers should act to verify all third party notices from legal entities, including the courts and take immediate action upon receiving a notice. If the consumer is unsure of the status of their account or a suit has been filed in a geographically removed state, consumers should consult a qualified attorney.

Contact Information

PO Box 280245
510 Tolland St
East Hartford, CT 06108
(860) 528-9991

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