Enhanced Recovery Company, LLC

About Enhanced Recovery Company

Enhanced Recovery Company (ERC) is a debt collector whose website claims they are “experienced professionals combining knowledge, talent, and technology to provide unparalleled debt recovery services.” With nearly 1,000 employees in its Jacksonville headquarters and satellite offices, ERC has a small army of debt collectors who market themselves as being able to efficiently handle a spiralling level of consumer debt.

ERC also buys defaulted accounts from creditors in industries as diverse as banking, telecommunications, mobile telephone carriers, consumer and auto loans, credit cards, home financing, and cable service providers.

Contact Information
Enhanced Recovery Company, LLC
Jacksonville, Florida
8014 Bayberry Rd.,
Jacksonville, FL 32256

Put an End to Debt Harassment

Many debt collectors follow the rules, but even a well-intentioned company can find itself violating the FDCPA. Fending off a debt collector on your own can be very challenging, and dealing with one who has violated your rights is even more difficult. But you don’t have to take them on by yourself. Contact us to stop collection calls for good.

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