Edwin Abrahamsen and Associates

About Edwin Abrahamsen and Associates

Edwin Abrahamsen and Associates is a firm that specializes using the legal system to hound consumers, regardless of whether they actually owe a debt. They reportedly violate credit laws and they regularly pursue debts years beyond the legal statute of limitations. The company assumes debt collection responsibilities for a number of credit collection agencies and companies, so it can be difficult to confirm that it is Abrahamsen's staff. A key for those that encounter Edwin Abrahamsen and Associates harassment is to have all the details of the alleged receivable clearly laid out including all of the amounts, dates, times and names surrounding the issue. Hard copy documents are necessary to prepare a solid case to prevent collection agency harassment at the hands of Abrahamsen's debt collectors.


Contact Information
Enhanced Recovery Company, LLC
1729 Pittston Ave.
Scranton, PA 18505

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