Asset Acceptance Capital Corp.

Asset Acceptance Capital Corp. is a large, multi-location debt collector with locations in Michigan, Arizona, Florida, Illinois, Ohio, Texas, Maryland, New Jersey and Virginia.

How to Stop Asset Acceptance Harassment

Some consumers dealing with Asset Acceptance report attempts at collecting debts that are beyond the statute of limitations and debts that do not belong to them. Consumers should start by determining whether the reported debt is legitimate; if it is, the consumer should verify the date that the debt was incurred to verify that it is a legitimate claim. Afterward, take control of the situation by requesting proof of the debt and recording all of the details surrounding the attempt at collection. Once all of the information has been assembled, consumers must become familiar with the Federal FDCPA laws to fully understand their rights when dealing with a collection issue. Finally, if you feel Asset Acceptance is violating debt collection rules established by FDCPA, you should consider contacting debt collection harassment attorneys to stop debt the collection harassment immediately.

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Asset Acceptance Capital Corp.
P.O. Box 2036
Warren, MI 48090-2036
(800) 505-5166

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