Advanced Collection Services, LTD

About Advanced Collection Services

Advanced Collection Services, LTD is a collection agency based in Plainville, CT. They cater to both consumer and credit grantors. According to the company website, their employees have experience in all types of collection debt such as medical collections, dental collections, and utility collections. Their mission is to resolve debts in a way that will have an positive impact on the both the debtor and creditor.

Court Case NOS Date Filed Date Closed
ctdce 3:1991-cv-00037 890 1/23/1991 2/27/1991
ctdce 3:1994-cv-00007 371 1/5/1994 3/7/1994

Contact Information
Advanced Collection Services, Ltd
55 Whiting St. Suite 2A P.O. Box 626
Plainville, CT 06062

If you feel that Advanced Collection Services has used “overzealous” methods to collect a debt, protect yourself by documenting all communications. Record the date, time, and the names of each collection agent who calls you. You don’t have to stand for debt collection harassment. Contact us for free legal advice on how to stop it.

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