We Can Help Stop Collection Calls and Collection Harassment

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act is a set of debt collection laws that protect consumers from abuses – check out our FDCPA page for more information about the Act and the limitations it imposes on collection calls. If you think you’re a victim of debt harassment after reading your rights as outlined in the FDCPA, you have come to the right place.

This page is dedicated to providing consumers with the information they need to stop collection calls once and for all. There are a few ways that individuals can put an end to repeated and harassing collection calls themselves. If that is not enough, they can hire an experienced attorney who will evaluate the situation, stop collection calls immediately, and build a case for recovering money damages.

Debt Collectors often push the envelope in seeking out debts, sometimes to the point of tracking down neighbors and relatives in order to find you. This is one example of an FDCPA violation. If you’re unsure if your rights have been violated, your best course of action is to contact us for help in determining if you have a case. Your next course of action should be to keep as many records as possible of any interactions you have with debt collectors. The telephone is the favored means of communication by debt collectors but you are within your rights to request that any further communications must be by mail. This is a very useful tactic to help keep records because everything will be in writing. While they can still contact you by telephone, it sends a message to the debt collectors that you are aware of debt collection laws and your consumer rights.

Next step is a cease and desist letter stating that they (the debt collectors) should stop collection calls and any further communications with you. By law, they are allowed only one more communication with you after they receive this letter. Any further communications allows you to bring punitive actions against the debt collectors, which we can help you accomplish. Contact us today for a free evaluation.