Stop Collection Calls in Massachusetts

Are you a resident of Massachusetts and have problems regarding collection calls? We can help you.  First, let us better explain the situation to you from a legal perspective.  Once you are done reading, you can decide if you would like us to provide free legal representation to end the collection calls once and for all.

Find preliminary suggestions for Massachusetts consumers below:

If you are constantly harassed by collection calls, keep records of the happenings.  Keep a notepad by the phone and record each occurrence and keep voice mail messages.  Try to record as much information as possible such as the time of the calls, the number of the caller, and the date.  This will help us with your case.

Collection calls are often combined with letters.  Do not throw away the letters because they can also be used to help settle your case.  Most times, our law offices can use what is written in the letters to illuminate violations of consumer rights.

If you are served with a lawsuit, read all the documents and associated instructions carefully.  Record all important dates such as the date an answer is due or a court hearing is scheduled.  Then call our offices or another consumer advocate immediately for an explanation of what to do next.  Advice may vary depending on the nature of the lawsuit filed.

Gather all files together involving your case.  If you have financial statements, such as credit card statements, gather them all in the file.  Print out papers from online resources maintained by the credit card company.  Ideally, you want records going all the way back from when your account balance was set at zero.  Alternatively, ask your bank to send you records of cancelled checks and your account history featuring payments made.  All other paperwork, such as the initial agreement with the credit card company, is also helpful to have.

Pay immediate attention to all paperwork sent to you by the credit card company.  Contact a qualified law firm as quickly as possible that has a lot of experience in helping people in Massachusetts with debt harassment and collectors.  It is not advised to handle matters yourself because it is a possibility to do something that will adversely affect the outcome of your case, making it hard for you to reverse the conditions in the future.  For example, if you miss a court date or misinterpret the court rules associated with your case, it can be fatal to your defense.

It is safe to assume that the attorneys handling the case for the collectors are far more experienced and doing everything in their power to win the case for their clients.  The debt collectors’ attorneys will use intimidation to make you pay.  Remember that a large percentage of debt lawsuits cannot be proven because all the documentation no longer exists.  In addition, some debts are too old to be collected under the state’s Statute of Limitations.

Did you know that a large percentage of Massachusetts debt collection lawsuits can be won by the consumer?!  Also, if your rights are in any way violated, you are entitled to as much as $1,000 plus attorney fees.  This is true, yet getting results is nearly impossible for the average consumer without the help of knowledgeable law representation.  We serve the Massachusetts community and help those who are victimized by unfair debt collectors.