How Our Fair Debt Collection Service Works

Are you besieged by collection calls? Are you getting calls about old, stale debts that you may not even remember or you do not feel you owe? If so, you have come to the right place. Credit works with consumers to stop collection calls, end the harassment and bring some peace back into your life.

Credit focuses on consumer law relating to debtors’ rights and debt collectors’ methods and practices of debt collection. Credit is aware of all the tactics that aggressive “third party” debt collectors employ. Credit is dedicated to the notion that abusive practices are not acceptable: debt collectors must be made to comply with all legal requirements that respect the personal dignity and rights of the debtor.

Credit defends you against unscrupulous debt collectors by utilizing the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), and often state law that may provide additional protections.

Credit will contact the debt collector and end the harassment. Often, the debt collectors cannot establish validation of the debt. We often will obtain that information, if it exists (it often does not). Credit demands for clients full, complete and truthful documentation of the alleged debt. If the debt collector cannot do so, we then aggressively pursue all means necessary to stop the calls and letters and correct the record once and for all.

Credit, unlike others, consists of attorneys who will not hesitate to file a suit to clear your name and vindicate your position. We fight until the right result is secured, to the fullest extent available for your claim.