How to Stop Collection Calls at Work

When debt collectors won’t stop calling you at work, you may feel embarrassed, stressed, or frustrated. Understanding your rights can help you stop collection calls at work permanently.

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What should I say when debt collectors call me at work?

Do tell the debt collector that you are not permitted to receive calls at work and to send you a letter instead.

Do NOT give your address, as the debt collector should have the address on file.

Do expect the debt collector to send you a validation letter that confirms the debt. All debt collectors are required to send a validation letter within five days after first contacting you.

Do ask the debt collector who they are, the name of the agency, and the agency’s mailing address.

Do NOT disclose any personal information to the debt collector. Instead, tell them that you will respond accordingly when you receive the validation letter. If you do not want them to call or contact you again, politely tell the collector they are no longer permitted to call or contact you. Then hang up the phone.

Do keep a record all debt collection calls you receive. Document the name of the collector/agency, the collector/agency’s phone number, the time/date they called, and the where they called you.

How to send a letter to stop debt collection calls at work

After you have the collector’s contact information, you may – if desired – send a cease and desist letter to stop communications from the debt collector. In some cases, verbal requests may not be honored, so a written letter is the better way to go.

Follow this template when writing your letter: Sample Cease and Desist Letter

Make a copy of the letter before you send it. Send the original by certified mail. Purchase a return receipt, which will confirm the collector received the letter after it is delivered.

Will the debt collector contact me at work again?

Not if you tell them you are not permitted to receive calls at work, or that it is inconvenient to receive calls at work.

Further attempts to speak with you are considered a violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). If this occurs, contact a consumer attorney immediately.

Are debt collectors allowed to call me at work?

Under the FDCPA, collectors are not permitted to call you at work after you tell them they are not allowed to contact you there.

Stopping collection calls does not eliminate the debt, and you are still expected to repay the debt if you owe it.

Debt collectors may not call repeatedly after having been told to stop. Harassing, threatening, and abusive calls from debt collectors are a violation of the FDCPA.

Do retain a consumer lawyer. Representation in debt collection matters involving the FDCPA is completely free at no cost to you, and is usually the only way to curb abusive practices. Experienced attorneys understand state and federal debt collection law, and recover damages to which you are entitled.

If you are being harassed at work by debt collectors, you may be entitled to compensation – up to $1,000.

Debt collectors pay all attorney fees.

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