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CFPB Issues New Rules for Supervising Debt Collectors

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau on Tuesday unveiled new rules for supervising large debt-collection firms, marking the first time that industry will be subject to federal oversight. Starting Jan. 2, the government watchdog will regulate 175 debt-collection firms that each bring in more than $10 million in annual receipts — accounting for 63 percent of…

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Debt Collection Harassment Attorney Craig Thor Kimmel Explains How to Stop Collection Calls

Do you have debt? How do you stop collection calls? Craig Thor Kimmel explains debt collection practices (FDCPA) and other laws people should know. Click Here to Watch the Interview: Debt Collection by Ebru Today

Consumer Attorney Craig Kimmel Discusses Debt Collector Abuse

Have you been abused or harassed by a debt collector? You don’t deserve to be treated like a doormat nor should you tolerate as much. If your legal rights are being violated you might qualify for free legal help through the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Consumer Attorney Craig Thor Kimmel was interviewed by…

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Alleged Collection Mill Agrees To Settle Class Suit Over Cursory Case Handling

Hackensack law firm Forster, Garbus & Garbus has agreed to pay $35,000 to settle claims that it filed hundreds of debt collection suits against consumers without individual attorney review. The firm allegedly violated the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, 15 U.S.C. 1692e(3), by giving a false impression that an attorney was involved in the…

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Collection Calls as a Result of Identity Theft

In most cases, people who receive collection calls accrued the debt themselves and have fallen behind on their payments. In some instances, however, these charges are a result of identity theft. Because people rely on technology to pay bills and make banking transactions, it is important to stay protected against hackers and Internet fraud. The…

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Debt Harassment is #1 on List of Consumer Complaints

According to the “Top 10 List of Complaints” by Illinois consumers last year, phone calls regarding consumer debt harassment topped the list at number one. This statistic proves two things: that the state is still suffering from high unemployment rates and other financial troubles as a result of the failed economy, and people are as…

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Our Pledge to Clients and Consumers, to Ensure Fair Debt Collection

Our law firm Kimmel & Silverman, P.C. 800-NOT-FAIR, pledges to stand against unfair debt collection acts and practices. We promise to ensure our clients are treated fairly and with respect by debt collectors and their collection lawyers.  We will not stand for abuse or collection harassment towards our clients, nor allow them to be…

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Know your rights when dealing with collection agency harassment

Unmanageable debt has become a way of life for a majority of Americans. Even as our government struggles to survive its own massive deficits, it is not surprising that we as individuals often have difficulty meeting our credit card payments, mortgages and car loans, especially when interest rates and bank fees are designed to keep…

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Consumer Rights and The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

Consumer Attorney Craig Kimmel discusses consumer rights and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act on KYW TV’s Talk Philly Program.

Man Sues Kentucky Law Firm Over Debt Collection Letter

If the attorney has not reviewed the consumer file, he or she could not sue as no facts would be known to the attorney and threats of legal action would be deceptive

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