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85-Year-Old Oregon Woman Suing Big Bank Over Fake Suicide Call

Anne Sessions of Lane County, Oregon is suing Wells Fargo after one of its debt collectors reported to police that that the 85-year-old was threatening suicide, a claim she maintains was false, The Oregonian reports. After hitting financial trouble, Sessions says she arranged a payment plan for her credit card debt with Wells Fargo last…

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Ohio Man Receives $16.4 Million Cable Bill, Woman Receives $286 Million Credit Card Bill

By K&S on April 21st, 2011 | No Comments

Posted in: Credit Card Debt, Debt Collectors

Computers are used to keep track of everything from personnel records, to bank accounts, to loans and revolving credit. When computer glitches occur, they can create havoc in your life. Just ask Daniel DeVirgilio, an Ohio man who recently received a cable bill for $16.4 million. An engineer at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, he did…

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Collection Calls as a Result of Identity Theft

In most cases, people who receive collection calls accrued the debt themselves and have fallen behind on their payments. In some instances, however, these charges are a result of identity theft. Because people rely on technology to pay bills and make banking transactions, it is important to stay protected against hackers and Internet fraud. The…

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The Reason for Debt Harassment

By K&S on March 23rd, 2011 | 1 Comment

Posted in: Credit Card Debt, Debt Collection Methods, Debt Collectors

It is important to understand why collection calls feel like harassment in order to deal with the stress they create. Many Americans have fallen behind on their credit card, mortgage, and/or car payments because they have experienced some form of financial difficulty. This causes stress on the individual, as well as family and friends that…

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Know your rights when dealing with collection agency harassment

Unmanageable debt has become a way of life for a majority of Americans. Even as our government struggles to survive its own massive deficits, it is not surprising that we as individuals often have difficulty meeting our credit card payments, mortgages and car loans, especially when interest rates and bank fees are designed to keep…

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JPMorgan Chase Hit With SEC Whistleblower Complaint Over Credit Card Practices

The allegations charge JPMorgan with robo-signing, which is the automatic generation of documents such as foreclosure notices without a notary or following the legal process, among other illegal practices.

Debt Collection Harassment Attorney Appears on Fox News to Discuss Capital One Harassment

Debt collection harassment attorney Craig Kimmel and client Patrice Perry appeared on Fox News to discuss a case against Capital One.

Debt Collection Harassment Attorney to Discuss Capital One Story on Fox News

The story surrounding Capital One’s $286 million demand letter is making headlines across the Country, everywhere from National Public Radio to The Consumerist to the UPI wire.

What’s in Her Wallet? Well, Not $286,651,237

Perry’s troubles started in May 2009, when Capital One began trying to collect an alleged credit-card debt from her, according to the suit. The company not only called her at home and at work repeatedly, it also called her family and co-workers, the suit said.

JPMorgan Pulls Arbitration Clause From Card Contracts

JPMorgan Chase & Co.’s credit-card contracts will no longer require disputes to be settled through arbitration, a practice that lawmakers said was biased against cardholders, to help settle an antitrust lawsuit.

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